We provide the magic for the children that enhances the season. A call from an elf, sharing the joy of the season with your child. All is done in full customization according to your directions.

This is a fabulous memory that your child will cherish for the rest of their lives.

How Elf Calls Works

  1. Order selected items.
  2. Pay shopping cart with CC number
  3. An email will be sent with Voucher #.
  4. Go back to site and enter Voucher #.

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Things to Know Before Booking

  1. You cannot book a call within 48 hours
  2. We cannot ensure quality of internet phone lines.
  3. We cannot ensure quality of speaker phones.
  4. Day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve are Premium Days and will be charged more.
  5. Calls will not be made on Christmas Day.
  6. All bookings must be complete by December 22 by 11 pm EST

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